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Privacy Policy

PACE Securities Corp. (the Company) has service commitments to its clients. This includes respecting client concerns regarding privacy and the protection of information. This policy outlines why the Company collects and maintains information, how the company may share information and the Company’s commitment to ensuring information is properly protected.

Information Collection

The Company may collect information from clients to open, administer and service accounts and to comply with applicable laws, regulations and regulatory policies. The Company may use information to determine appropriate products and services offered to clients.

At times the Company may require personal information from clients opening retail accounts, persons authorized to trade for corporate and institutional accounts and/or their beneficial owners. Proof if identity (valid photo ID such as driver’s license or passport) will be required to verify identities.

The Company may require corporate documentation, ownership structure, shareholders, financial information and jurisdiction of incorporation or registration status.

The Company may request information to meet its own or a Regulator’s Anti- Money Laundering requirements. Clients should be aware the Company will perform identity checks as required by Regulators.

Documentation to open accounts may include a Privacy Agreement and Acknowledgement which the Company requires signed by the client. This signed document is consent from the Client for the Company to collect, use and release information. The Company may not be able to open, operate or administer an account if this document is not signed or if the agreement is rescinded.

The Company may be required to share information with third parties including affiliates of the Company. The Company is a Type 2 Introducing Broker. Client information may be shared its Carrying Broker as required. The Company may be required to provide client information to regulators, government institutions, law enforcement agencies our outside sources to collect a debt owed by the client to the Company.

The Company has in place policies and procedures to prevent access to confidential information and to educate employees on safeguarding client privacy. The Company uses best efforts to ensure its’ service providers, suppliers and agents, maintain client privacy and confidentiality.